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Pou is inspired by that familiar Tamagotchi gameplay we all know and love, where you’re tasked with taking care of a blob-like creature. This game is a great way to teach the meaning of responsibility for younger players and the consequences of what will happen if you neglect your duties. Whenever Pou gets hungry, tired, or dirty, his eyes visibly shakes to express his discomfort. There are also plenty of features that require shelling out a bit of real-world cash in order to be used. You could also use our effective Pou Hack to get these features for free.

Pou the alien has a very simple and rudimentary design, but his appearance can be customized with clothing and accessories. You need to regularly take care of Pou’s needs, which are- hunger, happiness, health, and sleep. Most of the gameplay is centered around making sure that Pou lives a healthy and happy life. You can feed him by choosing a meal and dragging it into his mouth. Some foods can increase or decrease different stats, so be sure to keep that in mind. You need to create some variety on the meals that you serve. Otherwise, Pou will ignore the meal you gave him. If you find yourself constantly running out of food with no coins to buy more, you can use the Pou Hack Tool that we’ve developed so you can get as much food as you want.

Caring For Pou’s Needs

Pou will get dirtier as time passes. He also poops regularly, so be sure to keep his surroundings clean by tapping the poop to make it vanish. You can clean off the accumulated dirt by rubbing soap on Poe and rinse him off with water. Another way to clean him is to hold a cloud over him and let the rain do the job. But it’s usually better to wash him inside through the conventional way because that nets you more free Pou coins.

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Pou loses health as time progresses, and its rate of decreasing will be faster if either the sleep or hunger meter reaches 0%. Potions can be administered to raise Pou’s health, but these are expensive. By getting the Pou Hack Online we have developed, you won’t have to worry about running out of coins to buy new potions.

It’s essentially a game that simulates having to take care of a living being. You feed it, put it to bed, give it medicine when it’s sick, etc.

Keeping Your Pou Happy And Healthy

Pou’s hunger needs to be regularly maintained. Otherwise, his health will be affected. You can purchase from an extensive selection of meals and snacks for Pou, but all of these cost coins, and collecting them can get boring. You can use our Pou Cheats to keep you pet happy without the extra hassle.

To see the food that you have available, you can check by pressing the refrigerator icon, and this can be found in the kitchen near the left. After pressing the icon, you can see every meal you have and the amount for each one. If you want to purchase more snacks for Pou, you can tap the ‘plus’ or ‘more’ icon to get the food that you want.

After you buy a meal, you can feed it to Pou by selecting the food and dragging it towards his mouth. There are countless options to choose from, so picking out food is always a fun process. Here’s a fun fact for you: Lobster and Sushi are the two foods that cost the most coins to buy. Be wary of feeding Pou the Chili Pepper, because it can reduce his health by a considerable amount, and only feed him when necessary. Otherwise, he will get fat.

Entertain Poe By Playing Together In Your Game Room

Your Game Room can easily fill up Pou’s fun meter, and this is also a fun way to pass the time because the room offers an extensive collection of 32 great minigames for you to play. Playing a game will fill Poe’s fun meter pretty fast, and this also acts as your primary income source. Along with the help of our Pou Generator, you will earn big bucks in no time at all. The gaming button is seen on your left, and this is how you pick out a game to play. To your right is the shopping button if you want to make a purchase. At the room’s center, you will find a ball that can fill Pou’s fun meter if you’re not in the mood to play the minigames.

Use The Poe Hack To Give Your Pou Whichever Type Of Clothing You Want

You can buy new outfits to dress up and customize your Pou. The game offers a decent selection of clothes to choose from, and you get more by going to your Closet. This is how you access Pou’s clothes as well as his accessories. You can buy more of them through the in-game store, or you can use our useful Pou Hack Tool. After making your purchase, you can go to your Bedroom to dress up Pou however you want, combining different clothes and accessories at your leisure. This is an excellent way to personalize your Pou and give him some individuality.


Taking care of virtual life forms is becoming increasingly popular. If you’re the kind who loves Tamagotchi-inspired games, then Pou’s perfect for you. You can have a lot of fun and spend countless hours attending to Pou’s needs. This can be an exellent app for kids if you want to teach them a little bit about responsibility. Pou requires constant caring, so be sure to check on him regularly. Otherwise, you’re going to have a hard time leveling him up, which you need for customizing and unlocking different items. Pou is genuinely a fun app, great for kids and adults alike, and teaches great lessons to boot.